This Morning

Last night I woke up in the middle of the morning. Not sure if I was still dream struck I got up and
headfirst into the rage of day. I am subtly aware of the
of my muscles to my bones
and how each pulsation of the heart echoes through each artery
it drives me
and I ache
to find the tomorrow
which I can claim today
to wipe out the past
we live with false faces
painted on
or punched in
and complain that no one
is real
lets start with you
the unloved and unwanted
your own shadow on the floor
can't decide whether to attach itself to you
because it does not recognize
you move in and out of so many faces
you move to new spaces and new places
and because you leave no part of you behind
no one will recall you
in their waking hours
in the middle of the day

I awoke this morning
refreshed and reassured
that the only face I have ever worn
and the only flesh I have ever torn
is my own

by Nyx C Styx

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