CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Delightful Moments

I journey on with you,
I am floating with the peace of truth.
I see and speak.
We move on.
Through the rain our friendship is.

The umbrella our coloured dream,
Visible only to those with eyes to see.
Life in its meandering, shapes the soul,
In this sea of souls,
On their way to work,
On this grey and dreary day,
Where the colour of the umbrella,
Is another spectacular me.

I bouncy on air,
Still the rain goes on,
I find a me that shines,
Shines on you.

Apple in my hand.
Taste of the delicious divine.
This a remembrance of a moment,
This is my magical delight.

(Saturday 7 July 2007, Bolton, UK)

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