Why does time go when you don't want it to?
Why does it stay even when you push it away?
What medicine does it use to heal broken hearts why does it delay?
Yet delay causes pain
Why did time keep this away this long
And why is it speeding now?

I know not the answer to thy questions
And yet sense they do make
Time shall be our friend
I shall cherish the passage of it
With the one my heart longs for

And when it does pass
I shall be glad I used it
To put a smile on someone's face
I will remember every laugh, every tear, every moment.
I will be glad time happened when it did

Indeed! May this present time be
The beginning of the fullness of time
When all dreams become alive
Until the end of time
And then heaven will happen

And when heaven happens
We will not think of how short time was
But how much fun we had in such short time
Only the shall we appreciate the fullness of time

We shall look back with awe and gladness
Oh what joy shall fill our hearts?
We shall look at days of not long ago
When the journey of beauty and wonder begun

The pure beauty that matured with time
A wonder forever to behold
A time full of gladness of the heart
How you inspire my writing mind only time will tell

Let us blink today away then
And hurry into tomorrow
For tomorrow holds the promise
The promise to see you again

I will count the minutes
Holding my breath till such a promise is honored
Closing my eyes without fear
For the promise is one worth looking forward to
Sleep now I shall with the hope that my dreams
Will be dominated with the one my heart is warming up to

Dreamland I like to call it, welcome abroad
Until such time as the early morning shall dawn
Until then my angel…mwaah!

by Tracee Olga

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Kipling always has a way of producing a humorous and sarcastic representation of the people living around us, showing, with amazing accuracy, how each one is a source of power in that they have CHOICES. Human power, especially in traditional, classical philosophy (as well as real life) is always linked back to the unique human ability to make choices based on REASON, not INSTINCT. Kipling portrays this accurately and comprehensibly... something I can't always say for his, perhaps, philosophical betters. A Philosopher-Poet!