Have Heart

We have reason in hearts of hours and days,
Pure fishes swim towards the brain's crimes.
Our purity match the cattle, our powers are like foxes
That bleed like the lambs of the night and day.
We have reasons to implode and corrupt the forces
Of nature, a pain is not an ability nor a plague
But a nail in the coffin of primroses, of lavenders.
We have never tired along the suffered voyage,
Lulling the seas of fiery oaths, over flames of water.
We have hearts bending towards the starlight,
May the utterances of a pious man be contentment
For the few who utter and bless like a beautiful angel.

by Naveed Akram

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Kipling always has a way of producing a humorous and sarcastic representation of the people living around us, showing, with amazing accuracy, how each one is a source of power in that they have CHOICES. Human power, especially in traditional, classical philosophy (as well as real life) is always linked back to the unique human ability to make choices based on REASON, not INSTINCT. Kipling portrays this accurately and comprehensibly... something I can't always say for his, perhaps, philosophical betters. A Philosopher-Poet!