YL ( / Dipolog City)

..Delinquent Omission..

it keeps ringing
in my head
blame it
on my pituitary gland
like blood hasten
in my veins
as my
system enunciated
the facsimile
of the entire facade
that stigmatize my routine
as i read every page
of the encyclopedia
i sternly look
and breathe every smell of it
the familiar symptoms
brought back the nostalgic fear
the fear is bleeding
as it bleeds it integrates
the prerogatives of options
options that defines my preference
i inhale the oxygen
the sigh of everything
why do i suddenly miss something,
something it doesn't exist
like clouds crawling in the air
growling because i dont care
ready to swallow me
and eat me with pride
though i ignore it
still it haunts me
exhausted with this kind of scenario
i can't do nothing
nevertheless, embrace it with reason..

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