Deliverance: A Prayer

The day is bitter,
The wind is scalding,
I am unable to breathe
There is a choking sensation
In the breast.

I believe I need a breath of fresh air
Where can I get it?
I need someone to soothe my
Tiring nerves
Who can do it?

There is no one far and wide
How can I cope with myself?
In this forest of concrete and iron
Who is going to provide succour?

Everybody is busy, busy in doing
God knows what?
Everybody is running
God knows where?

Nobody has a minute to spare,
What to say of others
Not even for oneself?

To whom shall I turn?

Come storyteller,
Come tell me a story,
Take me someplace
Which is not so shoddy,
Not so selfish.

A place where one can
Atleast breahe,
Breathe to survive
The constraints of modern world.

I believe you have
The viewless wings of imagination
To transport me to that world
Where I can realise
That I am a human
Not a machine.

by bash Hasan

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In this concrete jungle, no one knows what is going in and around. The world is so busy day and night, it is true, we have no time to breath even. Someone told 'I have no time to die. How is it?