Deliverance. Written For The Anniversary Of The D Day Landing.

This is the beach, that will tell a story,
of death and destruction,
followed by war time glory.
At Omah beach, the Allies had landed
then gunfire came,
and they were left stranded.
Upon this beach, ran men that were brave,
A beach that was soon to
mark their grave.
Yet on they ran, to the sound of the call,
For those that fell,
it was the end of it all.
Bullets kept falling, like rain from the sky.
nowhere to run to,
and nowhere to cry.
The only place for cover, was to lay down,
and protect each other.
The sea and the sand,
ran rich with red,
where hundred's lay dying,
and many more dead.
Men who had not fought in a battle before,
lay dead on the beach,
without seeing the war.
The cliffs were lined with enemy guns,
firing ammunition
that weighed many tons.
Yet still they came, with heads held high,
to fight the enemy,
who were now in the sky.
They ran like cheetah's on an African Plain,
even the wounded,
who were screaming in pain.
The pain of the World, that was torn by war.
It was time for Deliverance,
as they fought on the shore.
When the Allies landed, and took the strong hold,
it was time to count, as the list
began to unfold.
The D Day Landing had not been in vain,
but the heavy loss of life,
in our memories remain.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (3)

Fantastic write Sylvia. you have captured the whole scene brilliantly. Very well done indeed. Lovely read. love Ernestine XXX
A sad recollection of the stories of war, a concept that I find hard to grasp, you have expressed such concern not only for those lost but also for those that remain, A great write, Love Duncan
Very well done! Very discribtive in the losses we suffered on that day! Sylvia- doesn't it make you think that there had to be a better way than this? excellent- a big fat 10!