Delusions And Their Distractions

I can expect a stubbornness to be accepted,
By a parent experiencing a child growing up...
Who has yet become an adult.
I threw one or two tantrums myself,
Until one day my mother used...
On my butt a leather belt.
This was long before children could accuse,
Anyone for being abusive by dialing...911.

Between 911 and other restrictive laws enacted,
And agencies created to teach parents how to raise kids...
Children showed more respect towards their elders.
And certainly had much more discipline,
Than many of the other spoiled children who were told...
To go to their rooms to sit quietly. And they did.
Thank God I didn't have a room to go to.
Or a video game, cellphone OR a computer I then could use.

But today those spoiled kids who grew,
To become self serving and self centered adults too...
Can be accused of neglecting their own children.
Like many do to blame someone else.
And it's not only them a stiff finger can be pointed.
It's the doing done that everyone seems to choose to do.
With an inability to be accountable...
And/or honest to admit actions they initiate to implement

And the fact that many can not face the truth,
Is the attraction that supports delusions and their distractions.
With the acceptance of denial and the support THAT has,
From anyone who sells deception with blatant lies...
To anyone caring less about what the truth is,
As long as they can get high fast with a quick hit supplied by crack.
Or heroin or coke or whatever it is folks can tote to smoke.
To then complain that the dope they get isn't good enough.

'You should join the priesthood or become a monk.
Or some kind of minister to administer your wisdom.'

Thank you for your suggestion,
And ego massaging flattery.
I'm ridding myself of quietly kept issues.
Every one of them.
I have no desire to have them ordained,
To smother undercover to deceive myself or others.
I am much too honest to keep hidden pretensions.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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