Delusions To Witness Fade

Many were jolted to their senses.
With a regaining of a consciousness,
That had stayed dormant...
For decades.
And heard the alarming sound,
Of the most recent wake up call.
Because all signs and messages sent,
Have exhausted the ones appointed...
To ensure their delivery.
And it doesn't appear,
On a once clearing horizon...
More will be forthcoming,
In sunrises that have yet to come.
Or sightings of moons,
Caressing to adorn...
Those suns that set.

And the ones choosing to awaken,
May have been shakened...
By the piercing sound heard to hear,
Loud and clear...
Rush without delayed hesitation,
As they observe...
The last of their kept delusions,
To witness fade away.
And grateful they are,
Not to have been frightened...
Into a long never to end,

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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