'Dem Inner City Blues'

I got dem Inner City Blues,
The same ones that made Marvin wanna Holla!
It's hard for people like me to get a dolla,
So i can make ends meet
So i gotta resort to bein' in the streets
Slangin' dem thangs to crack fiends
Not knowin' if they the one that's gonna
Have me doin' time on cell block 18.
Dem Inner City Blues ain't no joke
Got me so stressed out I just sit back,
Roll up some Haze and toke,
On probation for a year,
If P.O. pull a urine I know
I'm up outta here!
Damn those Inner City Blues,
I wish I could wake up and
Have some good news,
'Cause I'm tired of
Dem Inner City Blues.

by chandra rome

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