Demands Of Accomplishment

How great is the feeling of accomplishment?
When the application of dedication,
Has seldom strayed from those sacrifices made.
And one has given undeniable time...
When time itself had seemed uselessly spent.
Is a sensation one can not explain,
To anyone who sits without a purpose...
Trying to comprehend what to them makes sense.

With wishes to have dreams delivered,
And not a finger to lift.
Or hesitant to make a stand,
To place a step forward...
With a footprint made the best one can.

People like that would not understand,
The demands of accomplishment!
Or what it means to one who beams,
After living through experiences,
One sometimes laments.
And with those experiences one has lived...
Motivating as they do to continue making attempts,
To accomplish through pain and feeling of loneliness.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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