They are going to slip,
Those dips that firmly gripped.
Dripping sweat on agony...
And commanding more of it!

Death spiraling on a mission,
With quarrels of what is right!
Fighting themselves with rusting weapons,
And maneuvering for tighter close ups...
Complete with photo ops,
And Worldwide TV rights!

State of the art technologies...
Seem outdated on battlefields.
Enemies sought,
Aren't using video games.
Frustrating soldiers who are demeaned,
When no one is seen on screens to kill!

Pumping iron with oiled pecs...
Aren't impressive enough to win!
Maps and strategies for war have no use,
Although excites the one waiting...
For a good fight to begin!

And this conflict declared on them,
Has been the greatest of all sins!
Exhausting resources to announce a victory...
As further loses of life will escalate with no end!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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The pain of war... when if ever will we learn that it doesn't help... only pains... Alison