Demeaning To Be Mean

Demeaning with druthers.
Others to do and not undercover.
And done to do as if one should.
To those perceived less fortunate.
Living in urban neighborhoods.
No one should do that.
No matter on which side,
Of the tracks to do this act.
No one should do that.
Unless they are prepared,
For the big payback!

Dressed to impress.
With this perceived accepted.
When wining and dining,
At social affairs.
Yet disrespect,
Others thought to be less.
And undeserving,
To show them our best...
Attitudes exposed to the rest.
Those with their noses,
Up as high as they can get.
No one should be about that.
Demeaning just to be mean.
Whether in private.
Or done in public.
Not to know what or who witnesses,
Someone being treated...
Like a piece of rotten meat.

Nobody knows,
Their own troubles to foresee.
And nobody knows,
If tomorrow brings them sorrows.

Demeaning just to be mean.
Has no remedy,
When a pain one inflicts.
Returns more severe.
With no end to it.

Demeaning just to be mean.
Has its consequences to pay.
And the price may be too high,
For those brought low...
To look up from gutters.
With remorse to feel unable to let go.

Demeaning just to be mean.
Seldom goes unnoticed.
Or forgotten to forgive.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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