My Country Nepal

Hills, mountains, lakes and gushing rivers,
With birds and animals wandering in leisure,
Lands covered with flora and fauna in ample,
Yes friend, it's my beautiful country called NEPAL.

Gods and goddesses residing here,
Not only in temples, monasteries, churches and mosques,
But also in the heart of each and every person,
Making my country harmonious in all religion.

Enriched with the diverse festival and culture,
And the presence of enchanting wonders,
With grief and sorrow far beside,
I feel like, I am in paradise.

From the plain of Terai to cliff of Himalayas,
My country so diverse in land structure,
With the mind blowing and heart touching sculptures,
Makes my country unique in every features.

So friends, it's time to make our country,
Even more beautiful with better community,
Every person visiting our country should tell,
Yes, it's the best piece of land called NEPAL…… :)

by Ramesh Shrestha

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