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Poem By Professor Poetry Hound

I saw Pope Ratzinger on TV the other day.
Now, here’s a guy who used to drive around in a
Chevy and now everyone wants to kiss his big
toe. Don’t you think it’s kind of bizarre how

certain guys get elevated to these grand pooh-
bah positions and we’re supposed to believe
they suddenly have a direct pipeline to Jesus?

Next time you see one of these muckety-mucks
walking around muttering under his breath,
deluded that he’s speaking directly to the Lord,
just let him walk on by. I think he would be
insulted if you stopped him and told him it’s just
dementia. I mean, why pee on his parade?

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Comments (6)

I larfed and larfed, then felt guilty.
SHHHHHHHHH! ! Grand poo-bah Ratzinger muckety-muck is on TV!
It gets tedious, don't it? Phillip
Prof, he's just saying, if they believe this stuff I'll tell them the Easter Bunny lays eggs.
Very nice and true PoHo...