The Moon And The Pine Tree

If the moon could truly speak,
what fantastic tales it can reveal in Greek.
And the tall pine tree can only sneak a peek
from far below up to the skies wondering
not listening to the pine cone's deciphering....

by Philo Yan

Comments (18)

A great write from a great man. RIP, Leonard Cohen.
Democracy is the only hope for the world to survive despite having its own shortcomings.
Leonard Cohen had a love affair with words throughout his career. This poem is no exception- every line carries his brand.
When two different worlds collide, another reality is forming. The religious, feminist, philosophical and political polemics lead to wars, fires, and ashes. Democracy gains a new meaning. Wonderful poem.
Usually, in the pluralist societies or in the multicultural communities, there are different tolerances, especially religious tolerances for the people to live peacefully. A society can maintain its ethic and moral values when a part of the citizens can let others have different opinions together with the right to share their ideas.
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