My Crush

Shhh! ! you can not tell.
For this is a secret that I have hidden very well.
There is a guy that I like.
It is all so new that it gives me a fright.

I do not know if he likes me to.
If he dose then it would be cool.
I see him every day.
I pass him on my way.

To see him every day,
He makes my sadness go away.
Shhh.... I can not tell,
This secret I know well.

by Michelle Hyde

Comments (31)

I love Garrett Brant even though I'm in 8th grade and he is a senior
when was this plushibed
This poem is larger than the sky, talks in the freedom of clouds. This poem tells about a million dreams, more clearly than a man can ever think.
awesome! i l love it
I do not need my freedom when I am dead. I can not live on tomorrow's bread. Great reality put forth with equally great conviction. Thanks for sharing it here.
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