RDI (September 2,1974 / Wheat Ridge, Colorado)


A demon lives in me,
Hiding deep in my mind.
Rising up unexpected,
Through my body I'm infected.
Like a disease that's broken free,
I don't control my actions but I see,
What the demon does to me.

Much rage do I feel,
Fortunately I have yet a life to steal.
I remember from childhood you,
And later when you, me destroyed a car,
Never should it have gotten so far.
Then how quickly you flew,
Left me reeling,
On the floor kneeling,
Moaning and sobbing about the things I did.

But it wasn't me!
It was you,
But you are me,
And I am not you.
I'm confused and scared,
Afraid of this insanity.

by Robert Dieterle II

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