Demon Dance

and the Devil and his demons danced.

Blackness bullied its shoulders into midday.
Shadows filled the mosaics of light and
cool fingers of air caressed naked skin.
Anguished tears diluted blood-stained grains
of scourged wood –
and the Devil and his demons danced.
Danced in morbid celebration.
Howled with bestial delight.
Fed on bravado and guzzled new wine,
And for three days, they danced.
A gasp a breath a light.
and the music stopped.

by Keith Langdon

Comments (2)

I could feel every word. very have a great mind.. keep using it!
Enchanting imagery, enchanting being a most apt word here, I'd say! I like strong, spiritual writing, Keith. I'm giving you a 10. Pleased to meet you. Warm regards, Gina.