Demon Herd

The Demon Herd

Down in the wastelands, there’s a frightening sight,
That can only be seen on Halloween night.
In the lowering clouds, a vast herd of bulls appear,
With hooves that stamp thunder, and red eyes that sear!

Behind them straggle skeletons with bones that rattle,
Bound hand and foot in chains, and yoked like cattle.
On All Hallows Eve, the eve of souls that died,
Shuffle the perpetrators of genocides.

The bulls have glowing, gleaming horns, and nostrils snorting fire,
Pawing the clouds, they are not by men or angel hosts squired.
With booming crashes, blinding lightening, who leads this choir?
If they are a demon herd, then who is their sire?

Branded in each skull, a cloven hoof still smokes.
If they stumble or fall, a fiery horn gives them a poke.
A wind from Hell arises, and they all vanish from sight,
But they’ll be back again, on next Halloween night!

by Mary Naylor

Comments (2)

Fantastic write, Mary. One of the best Halloween poems I have ever read. Ten without hesitation. Always your friend at poemhunter, Sandra
The reader can hear the hoof beats of your demon herd drumming incessantly and rhythmically through your poem. Great pace and bold images create a piece perfect for Halloween. love, Allie xxxx