Demon Hunter

He said, ''I am at nonstop war with the Princes of Hell.
I'm gunning for brave demon fighters. Ready for this? ''
I told him I didn't mind, but I was lacking in skill.
''Just let it all hang out, ' he said, ''And nothing will go amiss.''
I had to memorize the list of fiends that he had given me:
Ardad was the demon that led travelers astray,
Tenebrion - one of the Spirits of Darkness, his sworn enemy.
On a skillion creepy monsters we were going to prey.
When I wondered if he was an angel, he gave me a smile.
''I used to be one, but because of Andras, the demon of discord
I was sent into exile, and I miss heaven by a mile, ''
He said sadly, ''I hope to my former location I am restored.''

by Aram Stefanian

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This is a great poem