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Demon Knight (From Book Rebel Angels And Alien Demons)
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Demon Knight (From Book Rebel Angels And Alien Demons)

I met a demon knight in the desert
Who said he'd ride shotgun with me
He was saddled with ancient weapons
Bows and arrows, swords and a book on anatomy

He missed his target twice but this time
No fiend was gonna escape his shot
His former wife was bitten by a vampire
To behead her it fell to his lot

When the sky started to cloud over
We heard a deep roar from underground
The earth quaked, ripping open and widened
Something got hold of my foot, I was scared to turn around

I smelled blood, and heard a sword thrusting
But couldn't see my pal, there was a blind spot
Then everything grew silent, and the sun shone
The knight died in the battle, and the monster to hell was shot

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