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Demon Road
WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Demon Road

On a long deserted highway
Miles away from the destination
Wishing I could just fly away
Fighting half of the nation

Red eyes staring at a gas station
Knock down the weary man
Praying for salvation
To the car I ran

A car chasing me, with spirits inside
A silver gun, and a wicked smile
A lead bullet is what I find
I sneak away for awhile

A police station dead as night
Nothing here but faded faith
All they did was look for a light
The devils blood has a bitter taste

Armed with a cross and a shotgun
Carved into the bullets an emblem
A bullet blessed by the father and the son
The Holy Spirit shot into em'

This isn't a war, or the end
It's an invasion of the damned
Back to hell I will send
The wretched souls, the lower man

A night of joy, a night of pain
Nothing turns out the same
A boy a little less sane
A lifeless body without a name

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