Poem Hunter
SI (5/7/1991 / Argentina)


Poem By Samiha Issacs

Paranormal infants ride amongst daze and fury in a motion of a swing set…
I see them wondering in fear.
They see me, traced in hallucination of the unknown eyes deceiving me.
They lurk within my derived stance of fright, dancing along the humble trees of vain.
They watch my every step.
Frozen twilight stuck my eyes with consternation…for I am only human.
And they are mine.
Seeping into my stare as I feel my heart race in trance of this sight, of this place in my mind, how it chases the steps I choose, and they’re presence in a daze hidden by my thoughts.
Why don’t they sleep?
They walk with solemn footsteps and surround a sudden wall.
They are blind, but can see the shadows overcoming their goal, a pathway they once took.
… a pathway to hell.
The demons hide in pools of fury, their eyes shot with anticipation.
And they wait.
My hands become cold. My lips are torn. And my body is stiff.
They know the time has come.
They smile in delight.
In all substance of what is forgotten, yet they still remain.
They are here.
And they are watching.

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