Demons From Hell

They came in three.
When they came for me.
Nothing was said.
But I knew I was dead.
As the demons took my soul away.
I cried out for someone to say.
"Leave that poor soul alone"
But I guess I was on my own.
As I looked back my body was empty.
I couldn't face this crazy reality
As the ghosts of hell, took me to my grave
In this dream I was the devils slave
I fought to get back to reality
But this must be my destiny.
How do I get out of this mad dream.
Its too late, the demons have been
As I wake up, alone in my bed,
Thank God it was all in my head.

by Andrew Ian Marshall

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hey mate nice poem sounds alot like whast been going on wi me at the mo in my head but only when im awake, if that makes sence to u, love the poem keep up the writing.