Demons Keep Active

Everyday demons keep active.
Busy reminding victims who have healed,
Just who inflicted upon them a wickedness.
And with a slick pro-activeness,
Demons believe their obviousness is concealed.
To hope a cover from others is tightly sealed.

But those who pray and stay on the side of faith,
That never strays or betrays...
Become too familiar with demons and their ways.
And often offend them on a daily basis,
Without paying them any serious attention to mention.
Or pretend they do to listen but time they do not waste.

'I told the others how you were treating me mean.
I said...
I told the others how you were treating me mean.
And they agreed with me.
Are you ignoring me?
I said...'

~I'm sorry.
Were you saying something,
You wanted me to find important?
If not...
I got your message a long time ago.
Give the others my regards.~

'You know I'm just teasing you.'

~Isn't that what demons do?
But unlike you, I don't have those aspirations.
C-ya. Wouldn't ever wanna B-ya.~

'You're disgusting.'

~Thank you.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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