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Demons Within Me

I’m not what I seem to be,
Or at least I think I’m not,
Who am I anyway?
I used to like me a lot.

I used to like my smile,
It was so genuine,
I used to like my laughter,
It came from deep within.

I used to like my thoughts,
They sounded like a stream,
Trickling through a meadow,
Just like a dream.

Now they sound like demons,
Fighting from inside,
Growling and grumbling,
No longer scared to hide.

How can I make them quiet?
When will they go away?
When will I control them,
And tell them they can’t stay?

What is it that ails me?
What’s missing in my life?
Is it that I see myself,
Only as a wife?

A mother, a sister,
A daughter and little more?
Do I even want to wish,
Do I want to open that door?

To wish for something more than that,
Is it even my right?
Shouldn’t I be content,
And merely sit tight?

These demons I am told,
Will go away in time,
Until that day,
I shall always feel,
I have committed a crime.

A crime so very evil,
To wish for something more,
And so I beg you demons,
I truly do implore,

That you go away quietly,
From whence you came,
And do not utter another word,
Nor ever speak my name.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (4)

This is very good, such an emotional poem. I recognize so many of my own feelings in it.
Wow. This is very special. I wish I could hold your hand, but maybe that is also forbidden. Your poetry is very moving, opening a window to those who stand without, amazed at a glimpse.
Are you really a doctor? No matter, even if you're a waitress, I'm certain you're special in the divine scheme of things! ! !
every time you get a thought ask yourself who is the thinker from where these thoughts come? ?