Demonstrative Nonsense (Monstrous Conscious)

Demonstrative nonsense.
Kept defended unended,
By those offended.
Has left a crevice to widen,
In minds split to slip...
Deeper into darkness.
Refusing rescue to permit.

More opposing,
Show their stronghold.
With a losing of light,
Dimming from their eyesight.
And beginning to separate,
From lost souls to decay.

Cuddled up together,
To smother in ruts.
Deeper into gutters they rush.

Cuddled up together,
In a privacy discussed.
But soiled,
Are their souls to let go.

Dim is the light that shines,
Upon minds in darkness.
And a common sense undermined,
An untamed stranger.
Craving danger.

Demonstrative nonsense,
A truth to feed it.
Until what's true...
Becomes defeated.

Truth defeated,
Seeks to leech on souls...
With a monstrous conscious.
And selling demonstrative,
Bold to behold and sold.
Demonstrative nonsense.
Bold to behold and sold.
From a monstrous conscious.
This demonstrative nonsense.
Sold to behold...
From a monstrous conscious.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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