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Den Jack

Though perhaps he never spent much time at school
Old Den Jack was never anybody's fool
And you might be pressed to find wiser than he
For wisdom never comes with a college degree.

He found his knowledge in the fields around
And when wings of swallow almost touched the ground
Old Den Jack he would look up at the sky
Saying we will soon have rain in Lisnaboy.

And later on that evening in the rain
We would agree Den Jack was right again
But then his bond to Nature was so strong
And on Nature's matters he was never wrong.

He did not see the World and travel far and wide
And he lived his life in his own countryside
To Lisnaboy and Cullen he was true
And I often marvelled at the things he knew.

I never could recall old Den Jack's wife
For she had died before I came to life
But their children John, Jer, Denny and Margaret
I still remember and I won't forget.

He lived in his thatched farmhouse in Lisnaboy
And his long life old Den Jack did enjoy
With Mother Nature he lived in harmony
And you might be pressed to find wiser than he.

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