Den's Tsunami

I can only imagine a shingle beach;
stones and pebbles underneath.
The sound they make
around my feet
as waves pull back.
I dare not see
your reality

as the waves came up,
came back,
pulling lives apart.
I can't replay
the images of that day:
A man on the shore-
no more
Children from the train drained away.

Yet somehow
you survived.
Stayed alive.
Stronger than the wave,
by your own strength.
saving your daughter
in the water.
Looking on at life gone.

And when it hits again,
as your grief sweeps in,
roll with it.
Roll with it
like you did then.
hold her tight.
Let it tame you and lift you both.
Roll with it.
Wait patiently to be lifted.
Stay alive.

by Jay D Shamone

Comments (1)

Very well done Jay. I read a lot material from first hand survivors, just after the event. This is an abrupt reminder and a shows a great empathy with a sad but heroic struggle. In my version, they make it. Danny