Slain (2) - The Sequel

Welcome one! Welcome all!
This is your last earthly
Home, before your funeral.
Big dressing room, fitting
For a bride - perfect for
A groom. We will put a
smile on your face; wiping
Away that hideous gloom.

Here, all are dressed like royalty
Bums, are housed, with royalty.
The poor would lay next to the rich.
Look! There is Shrek the ugly
Laying next to sleeping beauty.
In this our One World Parlor
Wealth and beauty does not matter.
Simple options given to you are
Cremation, grave, or tomb, for
The lady bride and manly groom.

Whether it happened because of
A broken heart, lung or liver
You’re here because you gave into
The Grim-reaper. Now, All that mat-
ters, is your life was slain -that you
Are dead, never to breathe, again.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

by Leslie Alexis

Comments (1)

Very well done Jay. I read a lot material from first hand survivors, just after the event. This is an abrupt reminder and a shows a great empathy with a sad but heroic struggle. In my version, they make it. Danny