Denial Is So Popular

A kept pettiness,
Can only remain to stay effective...
If the ones choosing to keep petty,
Can produce evidence their kept pettiness...
Has merit with the revealing of proof.
Since sometimes what is thought to be petty,
Results in the tossing of confetti...
Upon those who parade with shoulders raised,
Without the need to exclaim, 'I told you so! '

There are times when such kept petty sentiments,
To have others believe...
With a giving of support,
Often are disclosed to be just petty.
To have it clearly known,
Minds have been abused by those not using their own!
Or have been borrowed,
From others who have already shown...
With this fact established,
That a thinking to do done...
AND 'seldom' with common sense,
Is something that is as distant...
As purpose is from its definition meant.

Could be but not thoroughly investigated to find,
Is the reason behind why denial is so popular.
To do with an ease of it to perceive it benefits...
The ones unaccepting of a thought process that offends.
With thoughts to process no longer to exist.
Or heard said by anyone daring to say,
This had been witnessed in these times we live...
Around so many petty keeping it as a fetish.
As if proud to flaunt and keep valued.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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