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Denis Cashman

His farm on the hill of Tullig and his family and his wife
Were the things that really mattered most in Denis Cashman's life
Never into self promotion the quiet achiever in his own way
Such a good and honest person one of him could only say
He will be missed by family and friends and all who knew him in Millstreet
Denis Cashman was a good man one unaffected by conceit
To live as a decent human being in itself is a great feat
And the challenges life gave to him he was happy for to meet
Though the breath of life that keeps us living from his body may have gone
In the minds of those who knew him Denis Cashman will live on
He never harmed anyone by good example he did lead
And with feelings of sadness of his passing I did read
One can only hope that from life his was a painless release
Denis Cashman gone from Tullig may his remains rest at peace.

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