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Denis Joe
(July 4,1950 / Flint, Michigan)

Denis Joe

Poem By Mike Finley

i hear the chime of the poem's voice
and in the notes you write
a guy who hungers for truth and tells it too
who understands that pain is the face
of injustice in an off-kilter world
some feel a lot, some shoosh through life
as through an operation

and I know what it is like to fall forever
and wonder how there coud be
anything additional below
no whiskered root to grab hold of
but this is not all there is
or why we were so intense for so long
why rage against a world
that can't help being broken?

your fire is proof that fire exists
and can't be extinguished ever
not by a train a thousand miles long
the human heart is infinite
it survives these raggedy envelopes
it keeps beating when red-faced suns
have hissed and gone out

i don't even know you
but we are one substance
neurons sparking in the dark
and flesh that sobs all through the day
and i tell you against all reason to hold on
untill all that will be has been revealed
for our beauty is whole
in just the way we need
and the poem of fire boils and sings
like golden letters in our blood

Healing and grace to Denis Joe
May 4,2006

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Comments (9)

What can I say? Empathy and love beauitfully expressed. Thank you Mike...
This tribute says so much, with such humility and sensitivity. Thank you for expressing emotions that those of us who lack your facility, share in abundance. And bless you dear Denis Joe. love, Alison
Wow! Mike, this is a masterpiece! I love how you managed to get such a personal message to Denis yet you did it will such beautiful and vivid images that it relates to so many.....truly a wonderful poem. Sincerely, Mary
We shall all await his return with hope in our hearts.
Mike, as one voice, we are telling you that this is perfect, from the heart, with love, for our fallen brother. Denis Joe. We long for his safe return from that terrible dark place his soul is resting right now. Scarlett