Dennis Singleton

The old clock of time becomes everyone's foe
He left Carriglea many Seasons ago
For to live in New York in the U S of A
Though in Florida he lived his last night and day

I knew Dennis Singleton as a young man
Near the prime of his life full of youthful elan
But in Carriglea near Millstreet Town he did not stay
The lust of adventure took him far away

From the fields near old Clara where he spent his young years
Where he grew to love Nature laughed and shed childhood tears
And like many migrants he would have known of life's many an up and down
Far south of the countryside by Millstreet Town

Many of his young friends in Duhallow he was never more for to meet
Since his journeys in life took him far from Millstreet
So many have left Duhallow never for to see again
The Boggeraghs half cloaked in the gray fogs of rain

Far from Carriglea in Florida in the U S of A
Dennis Singleton has lived his last night and day
On all of our lives the clocks ticking away
May he rest in peace where his last remains lay.

by Francis Duggan

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