Denny Murphy Of Shanaknuck

Never more in the Bush Bar we'll see Denny Murphy enjoying his saturday evening till late
A clever and a well travelled fellow to many he was a good mate
And Shanaknuck for his passing the poorer his equals not seen every day
He is now with the departed of Millstreet and his bones at rest forever lay.

It can be said of Denny Murphy that he would help you if he could
One of a generous Nature in him there was so much good
Our Seasons are not that many and father time on anyone does not wait
But the life of a good man like Denny's is one we ought to celebrate.

The changes they keep on happening in the Shanaknuck that I knew
And where I once knew many people I now would know but a few
And one of the Townland's elder citizens has found his lasting peace at last
But to our end we'll retain our fond memories of one with a memorable past.

Denny Murphy he left Shanaknuck when he was quite a young man
But he returned to the old place for to live out his time span
One can only hope his end was peaceful that he did not die in pain
And with everyone who knew him good memories of him will remain.

by Francis Duggan

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