Denny Radley

Denny Radley a son of Tom and Abina he left Millstreet Town as a young man
He passed from life in Dungarvan in his sixties as one who made the most of his time span
Like his two brothers and sister a successful fellow and he was a good person overall
The Radley kindness was inherent in him and his finer qualities many to recall

Like many more he left the Town by Clara his destiny in life to live elsewhere
One who became well liked far from Duhallow in his travels in the bigger World out there
He had about him a certain charisma that he carried with him to his new home place
In Millstreet he will never be forgotten where his will live as a remembered face

He too must have known his sadder moments he was predeceased by his beloved wife
And though he knew of success in Dungarvan, Denny too knew of the ups and downs of life
He will never more be seen around Duhallow where happy memories of him will remain
It can be truly said of Denny Radley that Millstreet's loss became Dungarvan's gain

It is sad to think life from him has departed that his kindly heart by death is rendered still
His last remains laid to rest in Dungarvan far from his old Hometown by Clara Hill
But his spirit it will live on in his children and though his gift of life forever from him gone
In the minds of the many he befriended good memories of him surely will live on.

by Francis Duggan

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