Deno is a religious person you hear him say that god is great
And to many he does feel superior he prides in his great gift of faith
He often does quote from the bible and lessons on morals to others he give
But he is not a tolerant individual and he doesn't practice live and let live,
He goes to his church every sunday to sing hymns of praise and to pray
And he is a very devout person the other church goers of him say
Amongst his peers he may seem special but in his own small ways he is small
He believes on a fair go for some people but not on a fair go for all,
In god's eyes all people are supposed to be equal though he doesn't see it that way
He looks up to the financially successful and respect to them he does pay
And as for the poor hard up battlers their type he would rather not know
This so called good man who does read his bible yet much understanding does not show
To people who to him are different his ego each day bigger grow
This devout student of the bible the one who is known as Deno.

by Francis Duggan

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