Dense Is The Forest That Grows

Dense Is The Forest That Grows

Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Tuesday, April 19,2011, @ 2: 01 PM

This is what I take issue

The trees are blocking a spectacular sea view

One must see what they are getting themselves into

Vegetation towering you cannot even see-through

Dense is the forest that was let go

Leaving no trails to even follow

Concealing its precious cargo

Jungles thicker than those found in the Congo

A machete is desired to blaze a course

Foot trails are required to lead back to the source

Deforestation I would surely endorse

The forest is impenetrable and way too coarse

So many ferns it seems unreal

Pampered lawns would be more ideal

To worship the king bows and kneels

Tended fields beauty reveals

So difficult to enjoy a hot meal

Wetlands excessively thick blocks the feel

To me, this has no appeal

To find the pot of gold is an ordeal

A landing strip should point to the subway

Sculpted gardens fingers must play

Made so easy to have my own way

The DJ pumps the sounds of sweet reggae

So tell me, what are you really all about?

Is it that it's still just too cold out?

Winter's garment you're still wearing

Your front lawn needs better caring

Take off your fleece and stay awhile

Reveal to me that gorgeous smile

Expose that astonishing profile

I promise I'll make it worthwhile

by Wilfred Mellers

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