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Denton Tap And Sandy Lake
HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

Denton Tap And Sandy Lake

Poem By Hubert Wilson

Incredibly surviving a year of W war.
Now at last almost back at his home door.
Thinking of all he had missed.
Even making a mental list.
Repeating it every day.
Staving off total dismay.
Examining every detail.
Considering even every smell.
Totally engrossed.
Imagining her the most.
Obliterated in a flash.
No one survived the fiery car crash!

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I Like this Hubert. There is a certain tension to the narrative, that I feel is hightened by the ryhme structure. that is quite unusual as we normally associate rhyme with lyicism and thus pleasantry. It works against that, but provides a strong impact. I love the opening line but I wonder if you would consider doing a James Joyce and leaving out the apostrophe from 'W's'. Though I know what you mean, as I'm sure many will, taking out the apostrophe would, i feel, give a certain amout of ambiguity that could add to the tension. (I'm thinking about the way the last two wars are written down; ' WW'. It is just an idea. I think this is a great poem all the same.