LR (November 23,1981 / Riverton, Wyoming)

Denys Lawrence ~10/24/1995

Can you tell me why?
Why we had to say goodbye?
I just don't understand,
Why this had to happen to such a sweet young man.
To everyone it was something unexpected.
I know this right now, but my heart just won't except it.
Now he's gone, we will miss him.
And I know my heart is dim.
Like him there is no other,
that we can call a big brother.
For these reasons I have cried,
because Denys Lawrence has died.
I know I'm not the only one with this sarrow,
since he won't be with us for tomorrow.
I'll look hard to find
the perfect way to get him off my mind.
I might sit in my bed and cry
start wishing I would die.
But, I know this isn't something I should do.
Even if I'm feeling down and blue.
It's been hard to say goodbye,
to this nice and gentle guy.
So, I say goodbye
with a tear in each eye.
But, I do wish God would give one more chance
to the dear man, Denys Lawrence.
Your friends miss you
and love you too!
You will be in my memory,
forever and eternity!

When I was 13 years old Denys, whom I had known for a while had been killed in a horrific car crash. This was written in his memory shortly after.

by Loretta Rowley

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