Murphy's Virtue

Everything that can can go wrong, will go wrong.
So what comes next?
Just nothing.
Or is it something big?
What'd you think?
You think the laws finished?
Well your right.
But I say Murphys Law, wasn't & isn't really a law.
I think it's a virtue.
And an unfinished one at that.
Everything that can go wrong,
Will go wrong.
So what's next?
So make every thing perfect.
No, that's not inspirational.
So live with fear of failure.
No that's to much of a warning.
I've searched a long time.
And in all the time, never have I found an omniessent answer, never
one that every one will agree with.
Then I found something, a virtue is something that YOU believe.
So my opinion is…
So fight, fight to win against the wrong, and no matter what, alway
pick yourself up after failure.
Corny, isn't it?

by Adrian Cordova

Comments (2)

.......amazing words and thoughts of death and the soul being left alone ★
Such an incredible woman! How dark her poetry became when her dear friends began to pass away, leaving her ever so lonely.... It seems that death and heaven became her obsession for quite a while. I feel like her poetry is a window to her soul, and that she might have opened it just for me.... How silly that seems when I am not entrenched in her words...