Poem By nupur singhal

remember, the games!
the retarded i'd enact,
ur sweet laughter,
filling in the void thereafter.

the touch of ur fingers,
gently lifted my spirits..
amazing the world would seem,
that look in ur eyes, plundering my soul..

i'd lay down my heart in front of u,
a good listener, u'd be..
sorrow, the brightest gift ironically,
i'd give u, my history, my unknown tommorow..

u'd calm me down, sweetly..
tears wiped, waves create ripples in the sea...
no remorse in life,
the lesson u'd give me..(remember, do u?)

my companion, my darling..
life's beauty, u a gift, my duty..
for love's a great thing,
turns the hiedious to an angel, they say..

i must have been a saint last birth,
then done the most unforgiving deed..
for having u first, then loosing..
finally pain being my destiny...

today, as i look at the sky,
when the breeze kisses my cheeks...
a twinkling, shimmering star above,
marks ur presence..(is this love?)

u an angel,
could not take the evil, this world bestows...
why did u departed?
i question Him, i really miss u, heart..

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