Poem By Mohamed Eid

My love for you is an ocean of purity

And the tides they carry our kisses to the shore

where crescendos burst to call all the lovers

The desperate and the fooled,

The old and the new, real or unreal; to soothe their ears.

Yes the ocean had flowers that somehow were familiar to me

The flowers that oneday came in my drunken sleep

And so lovingly, they closed and opened around me

Inhaled and exhaled...

I was turned inside out

And the flowers saw our world for the very first time

And the vision kept shinning all night and everywhere in the darkness

Jumped into my dreams,

Hurrah! Romance Gleams!

Next day I woke up and all the beautiful flowers

Were nothing but colorless dead bodies

All out of shape, and still invisibly lying on my bed

Romance is dead!

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