Happy 10th Birthday Samia

When God saw me sad
And saw tears in my eyes dear
When Lord saw my broken heart
That was crying bitterly for care
Then He decided to send me a gift
In the form of you for my souls uplift
My Samia jan I love you dear
You are a source of love and cheer
You gave me a reason to joyfully smile
And coloured my life all for a while
with your bright and twinkling eyes
That shows me rays of love's tie

I love you dear for you are a gem
Who is precious and also rare
who has a pure heart of a gold
Filled with love, laughters and more
And I wish you joy and fain in life
And hope wherever in life you survive
May blessings and love of God dear
Fills your life's way with lots of cheer.

by Seema Chowdhury

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