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Departure Of My Soul
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Departure Of My Soul

Poem By Eman Awad

Telling the whole world i'm hurt,
telling people that my heart is broken.
But no one said a word,
no words were spoken.
Am i to blame for loving so strong?
Am i to blame for what i can't control?
With such a heartache i won't live long,
and i will depart my soul.
You were the joy of life,
but you are always gone.
My soul, how can it survife? ?
how can my voice sing my song? ?
If love is all pain,
then how come lovers are in their serene.
So hurt, that i forgot my name,
It's such a wound like i've never seen.
Where is the velvet touch and the twilight?
Where is the shade of angels so bright?
Where is the happiness and the love?
I only saw lonliness,
I only fell from above..
I just loved with my all,
but i witnessed the fall,
and i was there shading tears,
seeing the departure of my soul...

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