Depending On The Intensity Of Love And Will

Poem By Genova Maaa my mother

The success with which one follows
this way of the mystic to freedom
and full life will depend on the
intensity of his love and will,
his capacity for self-discipline,
his steadfastness and courage.

It will depend onthe generosity
and completeness of his outgoing
passion for absolute beauty,
absolute goodness or absolute truth.

Comments about Depending On The Intensity Of Love And Will

The ascendancy with which one pursues the way of the visionary to autonomy and a whole life relies on the magnitude of his/her love and determination, his/her scope for self control and will power, his/her constancy and audacity. It will revolve around his/her magnanimity and the completion of his/her outward bound dedication and devotion for infinite allurement, infinite integrity and infinite authenticity...

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