' ' ' 'Nice Vice

Oh I'm
caught in the vice

of your being
'so nice'


deposited so delicately
(like a little nest)

upon a moonlit

way past midnight
hotel floor

where you now nakedly
transform yourself

into a paragon
of vice

(much to my
& your delight)

and oh you
won't hear me complain

about such
a fantastical transformation

for I am of
the well held opinion

that your




by Dónall Dempsey

Comments (5)

The absolute fact of life - this one. Very well done.
So true Linda. One can sometimes feel as their is no petrol left in the tank. Maybe writing poems as beautiful as this one does just that - fills the poet's well. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxx
MIDNIGHT...Depletion isn't in your Resume, my dear...You give so much, but that is who you are......Your well is the appreciation of people like me who have been a beneficiary of your virtuous persona.'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK/fjr
Yes Linda it's perfect. A recycle process of nature.......to fill the heart-well?
If you care...the well gets filled automatically by creating a suction: -)