Deprecation (Global Warming)

We, Languishing facile fauna.
Colloquial despots who expedite slaughter,
Circumspect self, for the compelling Harbinger.
Men, as one, are the singular Rigor:
The globe we are exigently burning
Away into this brass monkey weather.

Preempting coalescence of a vindictive fate
To precipitate anarchy frenetically;
Immutable impervious vocation
Edify the Harbinger to obfuscate.
That is if we choose to capitulate.

It’s our Aptitude which advocates us to be
Willful. To scrutinize others (as though ‘tis not we)
Then reprove, what it is, our perceptions see
As though all man kind ‘twas a connoisseur
Hermetically titled, by the wicked Trismegistis’ literature.

And so unto man, not to credulously lose
Make robust your stance on this earth, and of its use.
Dubious deprecation of this sanctimonious abuse
Petrol, capitol, truly fantastical, life we approbate.
Now truth:
Fetter superficial static. Obtain a bright
Affinity for the decorous erudite
Auspicious, illicit, transient, life,
Mundane it may seem concord’s in sight.
We’d be one with the moon, and the sky in the night.

by Christopher Fladd

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