Bleak future of dark clouds appearing from an alien’s sky as life goes on.
Everyday, travelling deeper into the black hole of a torment,
Fear and confusion,
Wondering what is real and what is not, while dreading what to come.
Phantoms and devils closeting in and ambush seams to be inedible.
Deeper and deeper into the slit that may mean no return,
Falling and falling down through purgatory and on to hell
Where the keeper of the keys that can free your demons away
Demons of fear, anger, frustrations, helplessness and worried
Good Memories flash backs but they fade away again, jolting
Time when dark shadows won the battle of the guardian angel light
Pressing downwards on your reason, preventing logic to prevail
Till breaking point and letting go begins the overcoming factor
To be or not to be, gone, or to fight back and discover the road
Which leads to the valley of lost and found and a welcome home?
It’s real and its hard work but it can be done.

by Mai Venn

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Sad time but true thanks for sharing
Depression thrives where pessimism overthrows optimism. It is really a terrible state of mind. A lovely piece. Kudos.