The Love Obituary

love died in a horrific accident
when a heart full of love
was shattered by a stranger
breaking it apart in a head-on collision
and love was tossed out the window
and landed on a heartless tree
and love was pronounced dead on arrival
in a heartbreaking moment
the love bird was devastated
by the loss of love
love is survived by a son(Heartbreak)
and a daughter (Ms. Trust)
R.I.P Love

by Kenneth Maswabi

Comments (4)

There's a job waiting for him at my hospital....... Love, Fran xx
I like this Dave, am thinking a sppon of that med would be quite cheerie! Molexx
. This is a very sad poem as the title shows but it is also a real reminder that when some people say that they are depressed what they really mean is that the phone bill was a little too high that month.Fortunatley the people who think so flippantly about such matters have never known of such things. A great write Love Duncan
Heavy stuff. Patricia