Depressed Bad

Dr. Danny Depression
Usually had a session
In the afternoon

He would see his Punters,
and give them there Med.
With a very Big Spoon

When they came in,
they all looked very 'depressed',
dark and Dim

But when they left
and they walked out that door,
many of them turned around and went back for More?

by David Darbyshire

Comments (4)

There's a job waiting for him at my hospital....... Love, Fran xx
I like this Dave, am thinking a sppon of that med would be quite cheerie! Molexx
. This is a very sad poem as the title shows but it is also a real reminder that when some people say that they are depressed what they really mean is that the phone bill was a little too high that month.Fortunatley the people who think so flippantly about such matters have never known of such things. A great write Love Duncan
Heavy stuff. Patricia