Poem By April Dan Chi Ho

Oh! in my world
It’s full of confusion
And feelings of being lost.
Things come for reasons
Then gone with the seasons.
My soul and heart
Are broken into pieces
And bleeding very slowly
Until I become insane.

Whenever I look in the mirror
I stare at myself and see
The one I really hate
The one I want to kill
She is the only person
To blame for all the insanities.
And I just wish
That I could run and hide
From this pain and suffering.

I try to stay calm
But when the days pass by
I’m spiraled into depression.
And I imagine me
Free falling from the sky
Like a bird with no wings
And hit the ground hard
Just to feel something
Because I am feeling nothing.

AprilDC – June 2008 – HCM City

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Hi, sad but interesting!

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